Lassi & Shrikhand

Lassi & Shrikhand are traditional yoghurt-based drinks popular in the Indian Subcontinent. At Sai Shree Foods, we utilise the finest quality raw materials to manufacture the entire range of flavoured lassi and shrikhand drinks. As a popular yoghurt-based drink, our lassi is a perfect blend of yoghurt, water, sugar, spices and fruits. We provide lassi in three different flavours such as rose & almond, mango and Punjabi which are available in a 300ml bottle.

Similarly, we also manufacture Shrikhand which is a semi-soft, sweetish sour milk product made from lactic fermented yoghurt. This product is also available in three different flavours namely, mango, kesar & elaichu and badam-pista in a 300ml bottle.

Both lassi and shrikhand are made from natural ingredients without the use of preservatives and artificial flavours, making them a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks.  To place your order, contact us either by calling (03) 9706 6211 or by filling in our online form.

Our Exclusive Range

Saishree Foods Pty Ltd was established in October 2007 as a small business manufacturing food products to the needs of the growing Indian community in Victoria, Australia. Saishree Foods Initially started with idli/dosa batter and shortly introduced Yoghurt, Paneer (cottage cheese), Chappathi androtis. Currently, Saishree is the manufacturers and distributors of more than 20 products and a number of variants catering to most of the Indian grocery shops, catering outlets, restaurants and bulk food distributors.