Pickles/Pastes & Mix

Sai Shree Foods introduces to you a wide range of pickles, pastes and food mixes that are healthy and sumptuous at the same time. Your busy lifestyle may hinder you from having home-cooked delicious food, but you can put an end to it with our instant food mixes and pickles. All of our food products are prepared in our well-equipped, technically advanced manufacturing outlet under stringent quality.

The raw materials for our food products are carefully chosen to bring the authentic taste of Indian culinary. The quality of our pickles and food mixes complies with the Australian standards both in processing as well as in packaging. We focus more on giving our customers the original flavour and high nutritional value of home-cooked food, which is why we never add any artificial flavours and colours to our food products.

So, why not add a dash of tangy taste to your food with our 12 varieties of instant food mixes and pickles?  Not sure which one to choose and not to be left out? Contact us either by calling (03) 9706 6211 or by filling in our online form.


Saishree Foods Pty Ltd was established in October 2007 as a small business manufacturing food products to the needs of the growing Indian community in Victoria, Australia. Saishree Foods Initially started with idli/dosa batter and shortly introduced Yoghurt, Paneer (cottage cheese), Chappathi androtis. Currently, Saishree is the manufacturers and distributors of more than 20 products and a number of variants catering to most of the Indian grocery shops, catering outlets, restaurants and bulk food distributors.